Director and Board

Russel Barsh (Director) studied at Harvard, taught at the University of Washington, and worked for many years at the United Nations on indigenous peoples and their ecosystems before returning to the Northwest and organizing Kwiaht with the encouragement of long time friend Ken Hansen.  With a background in human ecology he is especially interested in cultural and economic factors influencing human impacts on the environment, the role of schools, and adaptation of animals and plants to humans.  He lives on Lopez Island.

Milla Prince (Board Chair 2018) is a writer, community organizer, a life-long environmentalist and wild-crafter, with an interest specifically in native plants and wild edibles. Her writing and artwork focuses on wilderness, environmentalism, homesteading, folklore, history, and bioregionalism. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking from The Metropolia University Of Helsinki. She  pursues online writing, videography, independent filmmaking, and photography, as her hobbies, but also as tools for organizations, and artists to widen their reach online and in social media. She is a resident of Lopez Island.

Shona Aitken (Board Vice-Chair 2018) has a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Stirling in her home country of Scotland. She spent several years working for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and as a Countryside Ranger in Scotland and at a Marine Station on the west coast of Sweden, before moving to San Juan Island in 1990. Since then she has worked in education and animal care at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, raising awareness of human impacts on local wildlife and their habitats.

Rhys Hansen (Board Secretary 2018) is an ethnographer, writer, cook and community organizer whose work has focused on food systems, gender and sex minorities and environmental stewardship. He studied Anthropology and Religious Studies at Pacific Lutheran University and currently works at Orcas Food Co-op as the Produce & Marketing Manager. His interests include water systems, qualitative research and indigenous foods. He lives on Orcas Island. 


Keshema May (Board Treasurer 2018) grew up on Fidalgo Island and is excited to support the mission of Kwiaht that her dad Ken Hansen founded. Keshema works at the Museum of Northwest Art extending the visitors experience by managing the museum store and in her spare time enjoys being outdoors and cooking. She lives in Mt. Vernon.